The Latest on 1 North

Week Two

Well this is week two… It may have felt like an eternity but I promise the rest of the year will go faster. As we settle into our routines here at UWP, be sure to still make an effort to meet new people, and get to know your wing mates a little better each week. also here are just a few events to keep in mind, the first hall council is this Wednesday at 9pm, and next week Thursday at 8pm is stargazing with a professor.

Week one

Today is the day, classes start and so does the routine of the school year. This weekend we all met a lot of new people and now that classes are starting I know it can be hard to make time to meet up again. I encourage you, however, to make time to maintain those relationships. Good friends make all the difference between a Residence Hall and a Home.

The Time Has Come

Here we are at the start of a new year. For many this is just another year, for others, it is the start of an entirely new era. For all of us, however, it is a chance to create a year of great significance.  While our primary goal here at the University of Wisconsin Platteville is to learn and graduate, we have an opportunity to create life long friendships and meaningful change on this campus.


So it begins….

As this is the first full week of the semester, it has probably set in that the second semester is in fact here. What does this mean? It means brand new opportunities, a chance to fix mistakes from last semester and continue good habits. Make new friends and grow with old ones. This semester your mission is to make this one better than last one. Have a great semester people of 1 North.

The days before Thanksgiving

In the next week there are a few events that may interest you, first of which is the Friday night club this week. It will be held at the pool in the pioneer activity center and it is battleship. Go prepared with a team of 3-4 people and be prepared to get wet, as you will be in a canoe with a bucket trying to sink other team’s canoes. Another event coming up is one being put on here in Hugunin, it is called how to adult, be sure to check the publicity for the details.

One last thing, since next week is thanksgiving, the hall will be closing for the long weekend. This means that everyone must be out by 6pm unless special permission is received. If someone is planning on staying that weekend then they must talk with Lawrence (the RD)  immediately to receive permission.



If you haven’t noticed the date because you are busy studying. Then let me fill you in quick, this weekend is Halloween! There are plenty of thing to do this weekend on campus. Here is a quick run down of a few things, Friday night club this week is a lip-sync battle, also Friday night at 8 some people will be watching the Nightmare Before Christmas in the basement. Then on Saturday night there will be a Halloween party in the basement, there will be games, costume contest and food/music. So have fun this weekend and remember to make smart, safe choices.

League of Legends Team (9/21)

As some of you are aware we have some gamers on the wing. We are looking to form a team to represent Hugunin 1N on the virtual fields of justice. If interested in gaming with other people on the wing, just let anyone who plays league know and we will get your Summoner name to the other players on the wing.

Suicide awareness (9/8)

Come to the basement on Wednesday, September 9th to learn about suicide awareness and the semicolon project. Also there will be free cookies provided by the RLFC and door decs made by yours truly (and friends). Its gonna be fun and informative, come hang out with is!

Minecraft Server (9/6)

A Minecraft server has been set up for the floor by room 110 so if any one wants to join the server go see those guys for the server address or come see me in room 116. Depending on what we all want it may become a modded server. Check it out!

Wing Meeting Tonight (9/3)

Tonight we will have our first wing meeting in the basement study area at 8 PM. This meeting is mandatory as we will be filling out roommate agreements and over night guest policy sheets. YOU MAY NOT HAVE OVERNIGHT GUESTS UNTIL THIS IS COMPLETED BY BOTH YOU AND YOUR ROOMMATE! We will also be discussing how this wing is going to operate for the rest of the year as well as electing wing representatives. There are many things to discuss and many things that I will only say once. If you truly cannot make it then talk to me before hand and we will work something out. If you skip this meeting without talking to me BEFORE HAND then you are responsible for all information you missed as I will not be coming to find you. See you all at 8!

Welcome Back/For the First Time (not an awkward title at all)

Welcome to your home for the next semester. In case you forgot your name I posted it on your door for you as a reminder. Also you will find a sheet that asks a few simple questions. Since I have never met any of you this will help me learn who you are and also help me plan some events that may interest you.